Contact Lens Health Exam

We recommend to all of our contact lens wearing patients a Contact Lens Health Exam even if they do not purchase their contact lenses at our office.
Remember: Contact lenses are a prescription medical device that can directly affect your eye health. Do not take them for granted.

With the Contact Lens Health Exam, the Doctor will perform extra tests in addition to the regular eye exam. Additional counselling and clinical time is spent with our patients to ensure that your contact lenses aren’t causing any damage to your eyes and placing you at higher risk for a serious eye infection. We first check the fit of your contact lenses on your eyes because tight-fitting contact lenses can cause blisters on your eyes similar to wearing tight shoes on your feet. We instill a fluorescein dye into your eyes to check for any scratches to your cornea. Eversion of your upper lid is done to check for any inflammation caused by deposits on the contact lenses. We provide advice on contact lens material, contact lens solution, wearing schedule and cleaning methods.

Please note: contact lens fitting fees are not included in the Contact Lens Health Exam.

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