Contact Lens Fitting & Training

We are able to prescribe all types of contact lenses. We dispense lenses best suited for your lifestyle and visual status.

Things we consider when choosing the best type of contact lenses for you are:
•  Visual tasks
•  Ease of care
•  Wearing schedule
•  Allergies
•  Prescription

Most contact lenses are disposable and are replaced daily, bi-weekly or monthly. Contact lenses are available in a bifocal for patients over-40 who are experiencing difficulties with reading and who do not want to wear reading glasses. Patients who have never worn contact lenses before are given detailed instruction on how to insert/remove contact lenses, as well as, the proper use of contact lenses (ie. proper hygiene, cleaning methods, etc.).

We have successfully fit children as young as ten years old with contact lenses but parents are usually a good judge if their child is ready for them. After your eye exam we can discuss the best options for you and give you a detailed quote on our fees and prices for the contact lenses.

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